#GenerasiGigih Week 6 Reflection: Almost there

It's a long journey and finally, almost there...

Wisesa / August 15, 2021

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Front-end Bisa Class Last Session.

Front-end Bisa Class Last Session.

#GenerasiGigih Starts at the end of May it almost 4 month since the beginning, it's a long journey i told you and I learn a lot of things as a front-end developer. Here's the recap what did i know or what did i learn in the past 6 month.

6 Weeks recap

What did i know after this 6 weeks as a Front-end developer?

First to mention is testing a front-end project it's quite challenging for me. I already know the basics about unit testing but never know that front-end testing exists and it's totally different. We must create test like we open app from Users perspective, avoiding side-effect, mocking functions/APIs, etc. Tbh, it's harder than testing for non DOM-based code.

I just know the basics of how to create a layout using grid and flexbox using this game https://flexboxfroggy.com/ and https://cssgridgarden.com/. Previously, I'm always using display:grid provided by the css-framework I use. It's interesting and it slapped me because too rely on the framework is not good for developers. This improve my skill at building better layout for web.

ESlint and typescript is a things that I interested and want to learn more, i never thought the benefits of strictly typed code and lint rules, this helps me to improve my "code smelling" and my skills at writing clean code. I'm doing lots of experiment while working at my homework, using @types from http://definitelytyped.org/ is one of them. You don't need "manually" writing a type definition because maybe someone already did for you, this is super useful and i will add this to my next project later.

I become more confident at speaking and writing english (like writing weekly reflection every weeks). Little by little my english is getting better, thanks for my awesome classmates and cool mentor from cakap class.

From now on

I need to prepare myself for my early-career journey. I need to improve my skills not only for engineer skills but also softskills like how to self branding myself, how to speak with others pros, add more portfolio, etc. and actually #GenerasiGigih has helped me at least 50% of my preparation. Thanks @YABB & @Gojek.

At the end of this intermediate phase, I'm proud of myself. I was at top 1 leaderboard (even tho only the first week wkw...), also nominated as most recognized people in class, and i'm actively helping other classmates problems. I always attend class and doing my homework (i'm late, once :( helppp ). I think i achieved my comitment for this program and i'm very happy about it.

Again thank you @YABB & @Gojek for such an amazing program.

My collection of gojek merch :)

My collection of gojek merch :)

Also, thanks for the merch. this is super cutee!
I love collecting merch from @Gojek
hopefully next merch gonna be on-boarding merch ya? hahahaha

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