Hello, my name is Anvaqta Tangguh Wisesa, you can call me Wisesa or Esa for short. If you're my school/college friend you maybe know me as Vaq or Anvaq.

I grew up in a small village located in Grobogan, Jawa Tengah. Graduated from Telkom University with a Bachelor's degree in Informatics (Computer science) and currently working as a Software Engineer - Web Platform (you maybe more familiar with "Front-end engineer") at Tokopedia. I was previously working as a Software engineer at a start-up called Ketringan Indonesia.

I love exploring everything related to technology. When i was in college i join many community and orgs to expand my knowledge, I'm member of CCI-Unitel, part of Pramuka Tel-U, and i'm the (ex) lab.assistant of Artificial Intelligence TelU. Also, I joined many competition such as Competitive programming, UI/UX Design, and Hackathon.

Outside of software developing thingy, I love playing and listening music.

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I’m always excited to connect with everyone so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by following my social media bellow:

Also, you can read my resume here. Anyway, thanks for visiting my profile :)

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